Authors' commitment :

Photographers certify and warrant that the works presented are original creations within the meaning of the Intellectual Property Law and do not constitute infringement of protected works. They are entirely responsible for their photographic works presented.

In order to promote their work and the Festival, the authors grant the « Nuits photographiques de Pierrevert » the right to use excerpts of their work with copyright mention, without financial compensation (Internet, programs, posters, flyers, articles of press).

They undertake to be present at least on the evening of the screening of their work.


Composition of the file :

The application file must consist of the following elements :

1- a coherent series of 10 to 20 photos in low resolution or a video.

For the Photos :
- (RGB/sRGB or Grayscale, 700 pixels maximum for the largest side, 72dpi, files in JPG/JPEG format)
- Files not locked
- The name of the files must follow the following nomenclature : Firstname_Name_number.jpg. (Example: Jacques_dupond_XX.jpg)
- The numbering of your files will indicate the succession of the images for the projection. (Example: Jacques_dupond_01.jpg)

For the Videos :
- Sent as a link via YouTube, Vimeo or other.
- The duration must be around 4 minutes.
- In addition to its title at the beginning, the video must contain in its end credits, the name of the photographer and the musical references.
- Music rights will be paid by Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert to SACEM only for the screening during the festival.

2- un texte explicatif ou autre document expliquant la démarche.

3- une biographie.

Any file that does not meet the compositional standards listed above will be rejected.

The sending of the application file implies the acceptance by the photographers of the present regulations.

Please prepare your files in the required format and place them in the correct order.
You can then upload all of them at once using the « Browse... » button.
 I agree to accept the terms and conditions of registration for the call for entries


Do not want to send photos in JPEG format ? Do you have a particular approach in your work that you would like to share with us ?

You have a particular artistic approach whose format declined above does not allow the jury to appreciate it on the right way, click the following button and describe to us in maximum 2500 characters your project and the reason why the JPEG format does not match with your project. We will then reply by giving you an email address for sending us your folder in another file extension (pdf, ppt...). Only really justified requests will be taken into consideration. Otherwise if you are not in this case, please follow the usual procedure by completing the form above.

Speciale Request