Call for applications for the screenings at « Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert », from 30 July to 02 August 2020


This Festival keynote events are its fully booked nightly open-air screenings. A selection of works by well-known photographers are presented on a giant screen every evening alongside those of emerging artists.

No theme is imposed – the focus is on distinct perspectives, new visual writing, strong viewpoints. As every year, we will select topics ranging from societal issues, international reporting, still-lives to fashion series –We will also welcome more lighthearted, digressive, slow-paced works using counterpoints. So don’t be shy!

Shortlisted photographers are required to be present on the festival – at least on the day of their work’s screening. However, they are invited to attend and enjoy the whole four days of the festival. Volunteer inhabitants open their homes and offer free accommodation during the whole duration of their stay.

Travel expenses are not covered.


Application file for screenings:

A coherent photographic project presented with a short biography, an explanatory summary and 15 to 20 photos maximum (although the subject can be developed later on a larger projection format knowing that the standard format is 3-4 mins).


Deadline for sending a file : March 11, 2020


The shortlisted photographers will be announced on our website as of March 31, 2020.


The art direction is made up of photography professionals and organizers of the festival. Their decision will be sovereign and without appeal.

If you are shortlisted, you can either create your own video following our technical guidelines or we can help you with it.

We pay special attention to the soundtrack. You can offer an original musical score. However, be aware that your proposal must be validated by our artistic coordination.


- Conception of the festival content (projections-exhibitions-conferences-meetings).
- Selection of photographers projected and exhibited and program development
- Validation of video editing, exhibitions scenography and curatorship

Frédérique Babin
AD public & photographers' meetings

Picture Editor, write for the Tljc Photo App. Workshop, Jury for International Awards. Was Picture Editor for Libération, Télérama, Le Monde Magazine.

Francois Xavier Emery
General AD of the festival & curatorship

63 years old, photographer, professional since 1982, co-founder in 2009 of les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert and vice-president of the festival.

Souhayl A
AD of projections & photographer's link

Artist photographer whose work has been exhibited in several countries. He is also the founder of the Street Photography Awards and Maghreb Photography Awards photo contests

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Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert : 3, chemin de Montfuron - 04860 Pierrevert.